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Hi! I am super super new to the menstrual cup community, and I already am enjoying the benefits of the cup versus other menstrual products. I had wanted to start using a cup for awhile, but kept putting it off. My family is going on vacation to Florida in August--probably the hottest, most humid time of the year there--and according to my cycle tracking, I will be on my period the entire trip. Lovely. This prompted me to buy the most accessible menstrual cup in time to learn how to use it for one cycle before the trip. So, with really no research or cervix-searching, measuring, anything like that, I bought a small Diva Cup.

I'm at the end of the second day of my period. Yesterday, Day 1: I found that the bottom of the cup and the stem stick out of my vagina a little bit. The stem really bothered me yesterday, so this morning I cut most of it off and it feels much better now. I had one leak yesterday during the day. I was able to wear the cup overnight with no leaks at all, which was awesome, and it was only 1/4 of the way full this morning.

Today, Day 2: I changed my cup in the shower this morning, it seemed to go well. However, about 15 minutes after getting out I was leaking slightly, so I took the cup out and reinserted. I went to work, and about an hour later felt like it was leaking again. I went to the bathroom and took the cup out, then reached a finger in to try to feel my cervix because of what I had read on this forum. :) My cervix was pretty low, barely to the second knuckle on my index finger, and also tilts to my left. Additionally, I think my cervix dips quite a bit. So I reinserted the cup, this time trying to aim for my cervix and suction around it. I checked with a finger all the way around to make sure it was inside. When I got home 4 hours later, I had some minor leaking.

The rest of the day I tried putting the cup as low as possible to see if that would help--I was thinking maybe the cup would suction to the walls of the vagina and stay put and that would be enough, I think the Diva is probably too long for that though.

Basically, no matter what, today I cannot keep the cup in without leaks for more than 3 hours. The leaks are minor but annoying. For our trip I want to hopefully be able to not have to wear a liner in the heat if possible.

Day 2 of my period is always my heaviest day, and while the cup has made it easier, I really want the cup to work without leaks on every day of my period if possible! Besides being cleaner, it's not providing that much of a benefit over pads right now in terms of convenience.

From reading, it sounds to me like maybe the Diva is too long for me. From measuring my finger, I know that today my cervix is about 46 mm from the opening of my vagina. The furthest I can reach up is a little more than 70 mm.Also I think my cervix is probably taking up a lot of space in the cup and causing it to overflow and leak a lot sooner than it would. I tried turning it inside out, it didn't help.

Should I get a shorter cup? Would I be able to seal it low in my vagina, below my cervix, and have it stay there and be effective without its capacity being affected by my cervix? Or is there a trick to make the Diva Cup work for me so I don't have to spend another $40? I know I'm still very early on in the learning process but I want to see if I can figure this out sooner rather than later.

Thank you in advance!

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