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Hello! I'm in need of some advice.

Background info, I am 33 years old, I think I have an average height cervix, never given birth, and my flow is usually light to medium, with maybe 1 heavier day.

I purchased my first cup, a Belladot size 2 (only brand I could find easily available in my country)

I have used it a total of 4 days (and nights), with varying results. I can get it in and out fairly easily, and if I run my finger around the cup it seems to have opened up completely.
However, whenever I have it in, I get a sort of dull pain in my lower stomach area. I also wonder if it's placed too low, but I can never get it further up. I cut the stem because it was bothering me, so if I stick a finger up there I can probably get almost to the first knuckle before I feel the bottom of the cup.

I was having trouble with some airbubbles, and I was getting some spots of blood in my underwear, so I took it out and it seemed to have done it's job, there was no blood on the outside of the cup.
I keep getting these airbubbles no matter how I try to insert it, and small drops of blood.

Yesterday, I was sitting and I felt another bubble, but this time it was accompanied with a loud POP. No mistaking that, the seal was broken. How did that happen? What can cause a fully open cup to lose the seal without any movement?

I took it out again, and inserted it, and slept with it through the night. When I got up, I went to take it out, and for a second there I couldn't even find my opening, it seems I am swollen, so there was "more skin", making it difficult to find the opening.. I managed eventually, but I'm a little scared to put it in again now that I'm swollen and all.

I really want to make this work, but I know I may have some issues with placement. Should I try a shorter cup? A stiffer one or softer one?
Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
Oh, I have tried several methods of folding the cup, using the c-fold as a favorite.
Christy Velez-Noblechristyxvx on May 27th, 2017 08:43 pm (UTC)
I've undone the seal on my cup my using my vaginal muscles. Example- one morning I was needing to pee, so I was "holding it in" using my muscles down there and my cup popped open and emptied into my underwear. The cup will sit differently on everyone, and depending on the cup you have. It sounds like the cup may be pressing a bit too much and it may be too firm. I'd personally try a softer cup at this point if its becoming painful.
ladysleepsalot on May 29th, 2017 06:20 pm (UTC)
That makes a little sense, I have a sensitive bladder so my muscles are fairly trained as a result, but wouldn't a softer cup be easier to pop open? Should I maybe try a smaller cup so it wont be as much pressure?

I'm thinking that maybe I had it placed wrong because of the dull pain I was constantly feeling, so I may have irritated things which made me swell up. It took since I wrote for the swelling to go down, and it was a little painful as well.

Thanks so much for your response, I'll see if I can get a chance to try a softer cup
xalwaysxraining: hmmmmxalwaysxraining on June 5th, 2017 07:51 am (UTC)
I am a newbie, but from what I understand a softer cup would be *less* likely to "pop" because the cup allows the sides to be pushed or bent without it moving the entire rim....this is actually what makes them more difficult for some people to get open after insertion. With a firm cup you can barely nudge one side and the rim just *POPS*(!) in a big, obvious way whereas with a softer cup you may have to fidget with it a bit more to get the rim completely open. It is my understanding that people with sensitive bladders seem to usually have more comfort from a softer cup. Good luck!
cas_098 on July 9th, 2017 06:24 am (UTC)
Im still fairly new myself and I've been using my cup for about a year now but in my opinion I think you may be using the wrong cup for your body. Everybody is so different and there are So Many cups on the market right now. Since you say you typically have a light to medium flow you could probably size down and I would definitely think about getting a softer/squishier cup.

I use the RubyCup which is pretty midway on the soft/squish scale. Sometimes a softer cup can be more difficult to get to pop open when it is first inserted, so I tend to run mine under cold water for a minute right before I insert which really helps me. I also find that using some water based lube along the rim really helps with insertion and getting it to pop open the way I like.

As far as the pain goes: The worst cramps I ever had was when my cup hadn't opened correctly. It was awful. So I think some of the pain you are experiencing could be related to that. I would wait a while without the cup until your pain and swelling goes away until you go for it again. I'm 26 btw so I can relate there's definitely a learning curve to this whole cup business!

Oh also, air bubbles are totally normal. I think in most cases they are caused by the air being pushed out of the cup as it kind of molds to the contours of the body.