Ольга (freesia39) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It feels uncomfortable

Hello ladies,
I am 23 y.o., a beginner in using cups.
Now I have three cups: Meluna medium Classic, Yuuki soft small, Si-bell small.
So the problem is that all these cups feel uncomfortable when they are inside me.
I'm talking about my heavier days now.
Basic info: I always have cramps, I am sensitive, my cervix is medium to low (I guess) on my first days, it's somewhat average on regular days.
The issue is that I feel the cup inside and it makes some kind of pressure, I think, on my bladder, but I'm not sure on what particularly.
I can't use Yuuki cup at all - I have hard times inserting/removing it and wearing it. It's too firm for me.
Meluna cup is somewhat comparatively ok, but it maybe painfull to remove it due to thicker rims.
I love Si-bell, it is soft and nice, it's easy to insert it and to remove, but it is still uncomfortable inside :( Idk what's the issue.
It is just putting the pressure on something inside me. And it bothers me.
Sometimes when I insert cup in some wrong way I may feel really anxious, because it also irritates or pushes something - and this feeling would gone if I remove it.
Other times I feel ok, but still feel some pressure.
I remember that once I felt no pressure or irritating feelings at all with meluna cup (I have tested si-bell cup only on my heavy days yet), but it was on my last and light days of period.
Help please! I really want to figure it out and feel comfortable with cups :)
Do you have any ideas or advices?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS sorry for my English ;(
Tags: cervix position, cramps, sizes/size issues
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