Gr Fkz (Gr Fkz) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Gr Fkz
Gr Fkz

Every cup leaking

Hello everyone,
I have been using cups for sometime now and I've finally decided to ask for some advice, because it seems I can't solve the leaking problem on my own. I'm under 30 and a virgin. I have three cups that I use, the small Lybera, the large Femcup, (not the Femcap) and I recently bought the Merula cup which seems to have the biggest capacity (40 mls) of all. I purchased the large Femcup because it initially seemed to me that the Lybera's diameter was too small. It doesn't matter what I do, they will always leak. All of them. Always. I can hear all the cups - and now the merula cup - opening when they are inside, I check if they have sealed with my finger, but they always leak after a couple of minutes. Is it possible to have a cervix abnormality? When not on my period I can feel my cervix low enough and a bit titled to the right side, but that's it. When on my period I can't feel anything at all. I tried to make my cervix sit inside the cup, but I can't distinguish my cervix or anything else down there, like if it has entirely changed its shape. Also, with every cup I have used, I don't have to break the seal to drag them down. There's this sound- even with the merula cup- like if air is suddenly balancing the pressure, and all I have to do is pull the cup out. I thought I could solve the leaking issue by myself but I'm really tired of trying without results, so please if you have any suggestions they will be more than welcome.

The Merula cup (which I am most interested in making it work, and which I am currently trying) has a diameter of 40 mm. Is it possible if I finally make my cervix sit inside it to close the opening of the cervix resulting the blood to be trapped in the uterus or/ and to cause pain? I normally do not worry about other cups, but this in particular, seems to have the smallest diameter.

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