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Organicup leaking

Hello menstrual cup users!
I'm new to this blog but it looks like a great place and I hope to find some help here.
I'm 16 and a virgin, with a regular to light flow and a short-medium cervix (second knuckle during my period), which I also think is a bit tilted (inserting my cup is easier when I angle it to the right). I use a cup, the organicup size a and I love it: I won't ever switch back to tampons ! I've been using it for a year, and consider myself an experimented user, so I can insert it and take it out just fine.

However, I experience leaking or mostly spotting all through my period, so I have to use a pad with it (now sometimes there is no leaking, but I always have to have a pad, because I never know). I would like to be able to use the menstrual cup without a pad, for myself (I hate pads with a passion) and for the environment, and be able to sleep easier at night (although I stress much less about staining the sheets than when I slept with pads).

I think it is because the organicup is too soft that I experience leaking (since I am young and quite fit I think I have strong pelvic muscles). It is also a pain to get it to open inside me I often have to spend lots of time opening it manually with my fingers once it is inside me.

I would like a cup with a little heavier capacity, to be able to keep it a full 12 hours during my heaviest days ( I manage for about 10 hours with the oragicup) and more stiff, or at least that doesn't leak at all. I dont mind a learning curve. I am currently eyeing the femmycycle low cervix (because the teen only has 17,5 mL) and the Lena cup small.

Have you tried the 3 cups mentioned? If you have, can I have comparison pics, with stiffness too? And which one do you think would be ore suited to my needs? I don't have the money to buy both. Thanks a lot
Tags: femmycycle, leakage & spotting, organicup

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