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These are the highest capacity cups. Note: unless you have an extremely heavy flow, there are many other cups to choose from. Most cups have a higher capacity than pads and tampons.

The dimensions are body length x max diameter. The capacity column is to the holes only.
See also: the charts by kuradi and Obsidian; understanding the cervix, getting a soft cup to open, FAQ.
Additional notes below the table.

CupDimensions, total lengthStem Shape CapacityNotes
Meluna XL Shorty44x47, up to 59 mmTab, ball or ring. Only the tab can be trimmed/removedU16 mlA vast majority of cuppers can use a longer/higher capacity cup. Three kinds of stiffness
FemmyCycle Regular43x48, 50 mm20 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
A unique design that prevents the cervix from sitting in the cup.
FemmyCycle Low Cervix43x48, 63 mm7 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
Has a smaller ring stem but otherwise identical dimensions. Might not be the best choice for a really low/dangly cervix
Juju Large50x46, 69 mm19 mm tab, trimmableV26 ml 
Fleurcup Large52x46, 70 mm18 mm tab, trimmableU29 mlDoesn't get shorter inside out. Anecdotally less likely to overflow when full to the holes. The grip rings are dashed but can be filed down
Super Jennie Large52x47, 68 mm16 mm tab with a ball, hard to trimU37 mlVery soft
Meluna XL56x47, up to 71 mmSeveral kinds, including basic (no stem). Only the regular stem can be trimmed/cut offU30 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Yuuki Large56x46, 74 mm18 mm hollow tube, trimmableV28 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Luv Ur Body (LUB) Large57x48, 82 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU39 mlShorter than the medium size (see below). This brand is known for its flower patterns and unusual stem
Luv Ur Body Medium62x45, 77 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU38.5 mlLongest cup on the market

Some of these cups are very similar, but the specific capacity you can achieve depends on your anatomy. It's essentially about finding your limits. It's possible that your best option is to flip one of these cups inside out to shorten it.

U-shape refers to cups with a very rounded bottom. V refers to the more pointy cups, but the difference is very subtle. Elsewhere you may see references to the V-shape that imply the nearly obsolete narrow-bodied shape (Mooncup UK, Keeper, Femmecup).
The U-shaped cups have more of their capacity in the bottom, which is great for a dangly cervix. However, if a cup sits really low it might be uncomfortable (the opposite is also possible).

If you have a very low/dangly cervix, you might need to get a high capacity cup even if your flow is not too heavy (your cervix will reduce the capacity).

The Femmycycle is unusually shaped (the rim diameter is 36 mm). It's generally not recommended to get it as your first cup. Some need to drill holes in the cup to be able to use it (proceed with caution).

Honourable mentions:
-Merula (similar to the Femmycycle, also not the best first cup)
-Lunette 2 - same dimensions as the Fleurcup, stiff, pointy
-SckoonCup, LenaCup - similar to the Fleurcup but slightly shorter
-Gaia Cup Large - similar to the Yuuki and Meluna XL
jess_amina on April 26th, 2017 03:36 am (UTC)
Great comparison and very helpful! Thank you!

Yuuki cup now comes in 3 stiffness/softness ratings. The original, the soft and the new rainbow is softer than the soft (the rim is still pretty springy). I believe I've read it's 30 shore where the soft is 40 (and I can't remember the original, I think it was 50). The rainbow is quite a bit softer though.
rawa0557 on April 26th, 2017 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you, this is very useful! I have a question regarding the format of the dimensions, though. When you say (a)x(b), up to (c) in length, which dimension is which? Is it like, (inner diameter)x(outer diameter), or (diameter at top)x(diameter at bottom), or (diameter at top)x(length without stem), etc, or does it vary from manufacturer to manufacturer? Thank you in advance!
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on April 28th, 2017 09:05 am (UTC)
it's body length x max diameter :)
they're ranked by length, and the width is mostly 46-48 mm :)
the max diameter is generally the one at the top. now that i think of it, the femmycycle has the rim diameter listed, will fix now.