blossom0609 (blossom0609) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie experiencing leaking

Hello, I am brand new to menstrual cups and am on day two of using it during my cycle. I am using a small blossom cup, have two kids but have small (short?) vaginal opening and a low cervix. I had trouble getting the cup to open at first but finally mastered it with a punch down fold. It feels like I'm getting it to open all the way and make sure to feel and see if it's around my cervix. Every time I instert it, I feel like, "yeah it's going to be perfect this time!" But an hour and a half to two hours
Later it's leaking and not even filled to 7ml. I do have a heavy flow the first two days and am usually changing a tampon every hour. So I don't mind having to empty the cup and am still liking it better, but I would love to not have to empty as often. At the moment I can't imagine wearing it out and public with the leaking. I appreciate any and all feedback!
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