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Choosing a new cup, pls help

Hi girls! I'm new to this community and I thought maybe some of you could help me choose a new cup. My first cup was a Yuuki small, tried both the soft and classic versions. Only problem with these cups is that on my 2 heaviest days they leak a lot! I figured out that my cervix is kinda low so it sits inside the cup, and the cup has a small capacity, so it leaks.

I'm about to buy a new cup with more capacity, but I can't decide between two:

Option 1: large meluna classic
This cup seems to have better capacity but it's not significantly bigger than my yuuki (which is nice) , only few millimeters. MY ONLY CONCERN: I read somewhere that the TPE material makes it hard to pop it open, and I have strong pelvic muscles, I don't wanna have to play around with the cup once it's inside of me.

Option 2: lifecup large
This cup is only sold in South America, but is made by the same company as the "casco cup" and is very similar in shape. You can check it out here: This one is silicone so it should open easier
MY CONCERN: this one is quite a long cup and the rim is bigger in diameter than the meluna and the yuuki, I'm worried that I won't be able to use it comfortably (I'm young AND a virgin) plus the low cervix issue.

These are my options cause at the moment they are the best cups/ most reasonably priced ones I have accesss to.
Soooooo which one should I get?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
Tags: buying decision, cervix position, heavy blood flow, meluna
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