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Hi, I just recently purchased a Divacup, and my period was scheduled to start yesterday, but I'm only 13 so it's not regular yet. Because I have learned my lesson about not wearing tampons/pads on the day before my period starts/days when it is late, I thought I should put my divacup in so I wouldn't have a surprise attack and stain my pants. So far, my period has still not come but I have been wearing the divacup for today and yesterday. When I put it in, I had no discomfort, but taking it out, OUCH. I guess I didn't break the seal, but I did follow the directions on how to remove it and thought it was just supposed to be like that and I'd get use daily to it. But tonight, I took it out and when my finger was still in there I felt a large lump and got scared, being me, I immediately went to google thinking I was dying or something. Turns out, I'm not dying, but it was my cervix that was lower or something? And the divacup just sucked right on to it. I left it alone for about 10 minutes and went to feel for it again, and it was gone! Is it kinda like how when you do the Kylie lip challenge when your lips get big then it goes away? Again, my period didn't start yet and I read that the cervix goes low when it starts. This is about my 9th period or so, and my first time using my divacup. Is it bad that is sucks onto the cervix, or is that good because the blood will go right into it? I asked my mom, but she has never used a menstrual cup before so she didn't know what to do, so I came here. If you can help, please do!
jenjamin1234 on April 8th, 2017 12:54 pm (UTC)
Hi! I've only had my cups about a year so I'm by no means super experienced, but I always position the cup so it's around my cervix. It does mean you can lose some capacity but I don't really see how else it would work without leaking (but that could be just me!).

The cup doesn't actually "suck" on to your cervix, it just sits around it, forming a seal. Pulling the cup down without breaking the seal and allowing air into the cup will create a bit of suction, but not enough to act like the lip challenge! I find that squeezing the base of the cup forces some air out of the top and breaks the seal so I can wiggle the cup out. If the pain is more when you pull the rim out, try pulling it out at an angle so it's not all at once, or collapsing the rim slightly into a C-fold or punch down fold. I have to do this with my larger cup, it takes a bit of practise but is worth it for me!

You might have only felt your cervix this time because you were pushing down to remove the cup, and this made your cervix a bit lower than normal, but it is common (I think) for it to be lower on some days of your cycle than others.

I hope this is at least a little reassuring, I'm sure some more experienced cup users will be along soon with more wisdom 😊
Jennythepickle07 on April 15th, 2017 03:41 pm (UTC)
It is very common for the cervix to move around. I personally find it easier to feel when I am bearing down on my muscles to take the cup out.

I would absolutely try and break the seal before you take the cup out. I personally find it very painful if I don't, though I have not known the suction to cause the cervix to move.

Sometimes the official instructions in the literature isn't necessarily what is best of comfortable for us personally. It's good to still read them, of course, but if everything isn't exactly how it's spelled out in the instructions, don't freak out.