rbozung (rbozung) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking Help! Hoping for a dry period

So I am 27 years old, have 3 kids and have been a fairly happy Diva Cup user for the past 3 years.

I love my cup because it's easy, I'm familiar with it now, it's more comfortable than tampons and allows me more time between changes - mostly. However I have ALWAYS struggled with leaking. I have read soooo many forums and thought for the longest time it had to do with my technique. I pretty much just resolved that I'd always have to wear a panty liner because I've never had a leak free period. I'm mostly ok with this, until I read so many people who love their cup for being leak free - and I'm jealous!! I'm hoping someone may have more insight for me.

A few things I've noticed

1 - my cervix is tilted to one side quite a bit.

2 - In order to prevent profuse leaking I have to put my cervix in the cup. I know this lessens capacity but it seems I leak constantly, not when "full".

3 - I'm not sure I get the "suction" seal I should. It never seems super suctioned by any means, and the seal is easy to break. Do I need a more firm cup?

4 - I know the leakage isn't just residual slobber. I clean up up there and dry my cup before re-inserting to avoid any of that. Plus I used to struggle with that issue and know what it's like.

5 - The holes on my cup get more plugged on my heaviest days (early in my cycle), and I don't leak nearly as much on the last days when the holes don't plug as easily. Is this relevant?

Sorry for so much info! Just hoping to narrow down the possibilities. I'm open to trying a new cup, too, just not sure which direction to go from here! Just really hoping for totally dry and leak free periods.


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