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Strange symptoms related to cup? Dizzy, lightheaded, shaky, nauseous

Hi all, I've been checking out the boards for the past few weeks in advance of getting my first cup and it seems like a great community on here!

Some background on me: I am in my mid-20s, never given birth, I have a low cervix, and have never had penetrative sex with anything larger than a finger or two. Been using tampons for about a decade.

I used the Lunette Model 1 for the first time yesterday and experienced some pain on insertion (I think from it coming in contact with my cervix), but no leaking and barely felt it when it was in other than a little pressure on my bladder. I started feeling kind of lightheaded and funny, but attributed it to not getting much sleep the night before. Took it out later that day which was difficult but also fine overall, and didn't sleep in it.

Fast forward to today, I get the cup in and go to work. Started feeling lightheaded again, also a little nauseous, dry throat, hands shaking, jittery - it felt like the start of a panic attack but I knew it wasn't because nothing had happened to trigger it and I haven't had one in ages. No leaking thus far so I think the cup was in and opened properly. And like yesterday, I couldn't feel it other than some bladder pressure (stronger than yesterday), but it was overall comfortable to have in. I ended up leaving work as I started feeling progressively worse, like I was going to pass out. I removed the cup, and have started feeling better since then.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? These weird physical/mental symptoms but without any actual pain from the cup? I feel like I'm going crazy and that these symptoms can't be caused by the cup, but I know my body and my mind and I'm confident that they are. Could it be that I'm just not accustomed to having something so large inside me? If it was pressing on my cervix wouldn't I have felt pain? Was it not open all the way? I wasn't completely sure it had opened but blood collected in the cup and there was zero leakage.

Any input or advice is greatly appreciated! I am not ready to give up on the cup, but I want to look into this more and wait until my next cycle before trying it again, because these symptoms were really scary to experience.
Tags: health risks, lunette

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