candicelayla (candicelayla) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Total newbie to the cup

Hi there,

I'm a 16 year old high school student involved in all star cheerleading and softball.

I was at a friend's for a sleepover over the weekend after playing softball over Friday and Saturday. I am unfortunately started my period on Friday. I thought I had packaged enough tampons for the three days and two nights I was going to be there… but… I didnt :(. A few of my friends that were there, had started wearing menstrual cups within the last six months or so. So they were telling me all about their experiences wih using the cups and a friend, who carries a spare cup with her, gave me her spare. I havent started using the cup, but I have some comcerns and questions…

1. I atarted having my period when I was 13. I used pads and graduated to tampons when I had, had periods for 6 months. How difficult will it be for me to transition from tampon to cup?

2. I know with tampons, toxic shock syndrome is a real threat. How likely is it to happen with a cup and can I make it throughout a schoolday plus sports practice (outside of cheerleading) without having to change it?

3. Will I need to wear a pad while I'm learning to use my cup in case of leakage?

4. When you were first wearing your cup, could you feel the cup inside you? If so, does the feeling go away once you've used the cup awhile?

5. I do dance and am a flyer on my squad. With doing all this activity, what's the likelyhood my cup could come out like while I'm in the air or while I'm doing a split?

Thank you so much.
Tags: age, family & friends, first time use, sports/physical activities

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