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Difficulty un-suctioning (also pain upon insertion and removal)?

Hi there,

I've had my Diva Cup for two days and while I really want it to work out, so far it's turning out to be more trouble than it's worth. I know there's a huge learning curve, and from the many posts I've read, it sounds like lots of people have had similar problems. All of the tips I've read sound totally doable in theory, but when it comes to actually trying most things, my anatomy refuses to cooperate.

I'm 21, a virgin, and not as familiar with my body as I probably should be. I initially had trouble inserting the cup, but I think I'm getting the hang of that (though it's still fairly painful), and when it's in it's more or less comfortable, similar to a slightly over-full tampon. Removal is a different story. I've done it three times so far, all three frustrating and painful and lengthy. I think there are two main issues at play:

1. The opening to my vagina is pretty tight no matter how much I relax (if the cup is in, I can't fit more than one finger alongside and even that is highly uncomfortable). Plus, my pelvic bone (pubic bone?) seems to be constantly in the way--I don't know if that's normal. Inserting and removing the cup is pretty painful all around the opening, particularly front and back, and the whole area is pretty sore.

2. I can't seem to get the thing to un-suction using all the methods I've seen here. Pressing against the side with a finger just squishes the whole cup to one side, and I can't imagine how one would make a c-fold or a hotdog-in-the-bun maneuver out of that. My fingers are too short to be able to hook around the top of the cup. If I bear down really hard, I can get to where the stem and base are on the outside and I can squeeze the base (about a third to a half of the way up the cup) with my thumb and forefinger, but this doesn't release the suction either. I've managed to remove it by squeezing the base with one hand and using a finger of the other hand to press against the cup from the inside, but it takes a long time of digging around and is pretty painful, especially the moment it actually comes out.

I've read some things about enlarging the suction holes--would that be helpful in this situation? Anyone else have similar problems? Is this the kind of thing that just gets easier with time and practice?

Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction

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