mollyponic (mollyponic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual cup overflow?

This my third or fourth month with my divacup. By this point Ive got the basics down, I can change and insert it pretty quickly. Yesterday while laying down with my boyfriend I felt some air enter my vagina. A minute later I stood up and blood started flowing out of the cup, it got all over my favorite pair of pants :( When I got to the bathroom I checked and Im almost positive the suction was still there. I was about 10 minutes away from hitting the 12 hour mark. Im not sure if the cup over flowed, or not, because when I took it out it was only about half full. Does this sound like it over flowed or did it just randomly start leaking? I couldnt imagine this happening in public, and I dont want to ruin another pair of pants so I need to figure out what went wrong. It had to have been inserted right because it worked properly for over 10 hours. Thanks everyone :) Sorry if this post dosent have the proper font or formatting, this is my first time using this website and I cant figure out how to change it.

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