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06 March 2017 @ 06:27 pm
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to cups, just started using my Mooncup this cycle. After a few teething problems it's working really well for me with no leaking.

However, it is sitting REALLY low (I've trimmed the stem right off), like partly hanging out! I'm pushing it in as far as I can, using various folds, but each time it seems not to go very far in and then to slip down...does anyone have any advice?

Just to pre-empt a few likely questions:
I'm 34, 3 vaginal births, using size A
My cervix (I think, can't say I'm an expert at finding it!) seems pretty high - I can get my longest finger in and still not feel it during my period

Thanks in advance!
Stefaninastefanina on March 6th, 2017 11:33 pm (UTC)
This is mostly what I deal with, along with softer cups not wanting to open. I hope folks have some insight!
mi_ermi_er on March 7th, 2017 06:38 am (UTC)

I sometimes have an off day like today where it just doesn't sit right. Normally what helps for me is squatting when inserting and then gently using my finger to nudge it upwards a little if it feels to low.

I have a mooncup too. It took me a few cycles to get the hang of it but now I cannot imagine ever going back to pads fulltime. Except for the odd off day.

Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on March 7th, 2017 09:50 pm (UTC)
It sounds like your pelvic floor muscles are weak. Perfectly normal after 3 kids. Skim/Read http://kuradi8.livejournal.com/ especially the section about toning your PC toward the end.