ktrantingredhed (ktrantingredhed) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Tried everything, cup still won't open

HELP! I have looked through this group a lot, read the FAQ entries, watched several Youtube videos, looked through some cup advice forums, no matter what I've tried, I STILL cannot get my cup to open and nobody's situation seems to match mine exactly. I have a suspicion that my vagina is just too narrow. I'm 35, never given birth, using the "Viva cup" small size, which seems to be a knockoff Diva cup.

It's a rather soft cup, which might be the problem, but I'd really like to get it to work since I've already spent the $$ and I am not in a position financially to try a ton of different cups. Let me tell you what all I HAVE tried, often in combination:

Every fold I could find (U, E, I, S, 7, 9, double 7, origami, labia, triangle, punch down)
Every angle I could think of
Twisting the cup around
Hula hooping, squatting, lunging
Cold water
Pushing against the vaginal wall
Inserting halfway to let it pop/try to open it
Pushing the cup against my upper wall to make space for it to open
Making the holes bigger
Drilling more holes
Trying to use my finger to grab the rim and try to open it
Squeezing my muscles while pushing it in
Orgasming to relax my muscles

The darn thing just WILL NOT unfold! The punch down fold seems to be the one that gets closest to opening, but I've still never gotten it all the way. It often it just collapses down into a U fold and then I'm back where I started. Is it possible that I just plain cannot use a soft cup? Everything I read seems to suggest that I'm "just doing it wrong" because "anyone, even a virgin" should be able to use a soft cup, but I cannot think of anything else to try. I'm rather exasperated and disappointed (not to mention sore).


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