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Irritation when using Menstrual Cup

Hello!! I've been using the menstrual cup for 3 cycles now and I love it!

I find towards the end of my period, my vagina gets very irritated. The walls of my vagina will get swollen and rigid. I figured this was because when I trimmed the stem, it wasn't a clean cut, therefore it was rubbing against me and irritating it. I trimmed it more so that it would be even.

I had the cup in last night for about 12-13 hours, woke up, changed it immediately. When I took it out, I realized that I didn't really bleed and didn't need to have it in. It had a bad smell, it was covered in brown and white gunk/thick discharge and my vagina was very irritated. I immediately cleaned the diva cup, and took a shower to clean my vagina with hot water.

I have this similar experience the last couple days of my period, where it's smelly, I have thick discharge afterwards, and my vagina is irritated. I feel like it's giving me a yeast infection.. I clean the diva cup well with hot water and a little bit of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser each time I remove it, and reinsert it. Before each period, I will boil my diva cup. I'm not sure what is wrong, and why it's irritating me this way. I love my diva cup and I don't want to stop using it, but it's really irritating me by the end of my period.
Tags: chafing/irritation, cleaning, cleaning - boiling, cleaning - smells, divacup, health risks, removal, removal - painful or problems, yeast infections

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