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03 March 2017 @ 08:18 pm
So this is my second cycle using my first cup, a cheap Amazon cup (titled "BPA/Dioxin Free Cup" or whatever) to figure what I need before I invest in a better one. I discovered my cervix tilts pretty heavily to the right, and is pretty high (I need to bear down to be able to touch my cervix during the beginning of my period). Since the cup is soft I wear it up high right up around my cervix, since wearing it low means my vagina muscles will keep the sides of the cup caved in.

Near the end of my period, my cervix drops lower and changes angle slightly and I have no issue suctioning to cup to my cervix and it staying in place. However, when it's higher up at the start of my period, I put the cup in, pop it open, put it in position around my cervix, making sure my cervix is inside of it not to right of it, and I'm pretty sure I feel it suction properly (I'm still a noob and the fact that it stops working makes me doubt myself, but I push the side in to let air in, pull it down, then kegel as I push it up, twist it, all that jazz. I feel the rim and it seems very well in place).

However, when I go to take it out because I'm leaking, I find it's migrating to the middle of my vagina, leaving my cervix outside of it on the right. Is it possible for a cup to loose suction and shift (maybe since it tilts to the right a lot, pressure from the right wall of my vagina on it when I move makes it lose suction?)?

I was thinking, maybe I need a cup with a wider rim? Maybe that way it will sit up and encloses both my cervix and the empty space to the left of it (I currently have the small size cup, I'm 18 and have a fairly petit build).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
rebecca2525rebecca2525 on March 4th, 2017 09:32 am (UTC)
It does sound plausible that a bigger cup might work better for you. I have a tilted cervix, too, and my whole cup tilts because of that, but it's a bigger cup and my cervix is lower, so it always feels to me as if it doesn't have much room to go anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if it would do weirder things if it were smaller.

I'm also wondering if firmness might have anything to do with it. I have the large Lunette, which is pretty firm so the rim is good at holding its shape.

But again, this is just guessing. I hope you find a cup that works for you.