disney330 (disney330) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Merula cup - good option for a dangly cervix?

Hello everyone!

I've been using my small Lunette for a year now but it's annoying since I have a very dangly cervix and I get random gushes of blood. I only ever manage to fill it up to the middle of the two lines (which I'm guessing is only like 10ml?).
Anyway, I've been thinking of trying this brand new cup on the market - the Merula!
It's short and has a high capacity (38ml). It also is quite firm. It would be a great option for people with a low cervix and a heavy flow. But would it be suitable for me? Not sure... because I'm guessing the cup would just ride up and the cervix would waste space in the cup...? Either way I'm thinking I might give it a try - at least there would still be more space for the blood than lower capacity cups...?

Thank you for the advice and have a great day!
(*feeling hopeful*)
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