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Upsize or downsize for a low/dangly cervix?

Hi all,

I think this has probably been discussed but I still haven't found a cup that works for me, and would love your suggestions. My issue is that on my heaviest days (1-3) of my period, my cup leaks a lot, suddenly, after about 2 hours (but it's not always predictable). When I remove/empty it, it's only half full. This happens with every cup I've tried - see below for the list. It's too short a time for me to even remember to change the cup because I don't even have to go to the bathroom that often, and because it's sudden 'big' leakage it's hard to predict. It's inconvenient when travelling or doing sports or I don't have access to a toilet right away. So anyway, I assume it's because I have a dangly cervix.

Here are the cups I've tried so far and how I found the firmness:

Diva Model 1: good firmness
Lunette Model 1: too soft to open easily
Lena Small: too firm to be comfortable - or maybe it was the rim/shape
Organicup large: too soft to open easily
Yuuki small: good firmness

Now my question is, to mitigate this problem, do you think that using a larger model would help? I don't know if using a larger model means that if the cup is longer, the cup will be harder to insert. I can usually get all cups in eventually, sometimes with a little effort, but once they're in it's fine and comfortable and I always leave on about 1cm of stem. Never has a cup gotten lost in me.

On the other hand, if I choose a shorter cup, the capacity will generally be less, but perhaps my cervix will take up less room?

I'm trying to figure out the logic behind it, lol

I should add that i in my 20s, virgin, never given birth. flow seems heavy in the first few days, but this might just be due to all the leakage!!

Any suggestions are welcome!!!!

Thank you, awesome community!
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