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01 March 2017 @ 11:05 pm
Hi everyone!

I recently purchased my first menstrual cup (organicup size A) but I have encountered some problems with the inserting and popping open of the cup. I checked other entries, but could not find exactly what I was looking for.
The problem is that the cup just does not pop open after having been inserted. I can get it in using a push-down fold or sometimes using an origami-fold (other folds just will not fit in) but it just stays folded after insertion. Twisting it does not work: I really can not seem to be able to turn it at all. I tried the cold water trick, squatting, laying down on my back, pinching the bottom, placing it higher or lower, letting it open immediately after insertion (but allowing and actually achieving it are two different things), even jumping up and down, sliding my finger around, but none of this works. I do have to say that, even though the lower part does not open, the ring is actually nicely opened and the seal seems to be working (but I can pull it out by the stem without a problem), but the capacity of the cup is so low, due to the fact that it's mostly still closed, that it starts leaking when it's not even filled for a third yet (but not immediately).
Even so, there was one time in which I did manage to get it to open by pushing my vaginal wall back a little to allow some air to come in. However, the cup was then positioned so low that I could feel not only the stem but also the cup, which was very annoying, and upon removing it it immediately collapsed on itself, spilling the contents ... Pushing the cup further up does not appear to be possible: instead of moving the cup will just collapse on itself en fold up again.

My actual question now is: do you still have any tips as to what I could do differently? Or could it be that the cup is e.g. too soft (I am 19 years old, a virgin, and it's not like I sport a lót but I definitely move and train some muscles every day because I have lower back issues and need to keep my muscles strong. I can only just reach my cervix with my finger top when I'm on my period)? And how do you push a cup up higher when it has popped open?

Thank you so much! I hope you all can help.
gepunktetrock on March 2nd, 2017 08:52 am (UTC)
The cup may be too soft. But, keep trying!

My soft cup took me a long time to figure out. Even my firm cup can be hard at times to open. I have discovered that if I can get it up really high it might just open on its own. I can also put it in partially and let it open and then I push around the stem area to get it higher. There is a spot that that is somewhere in between that results in no opening for me, just not high enough or low enough. So you may have to try a variety of distances ftom the opening to get it open.

Honestly, I bought lubricant for the fist time, which makes insertion waaaay easier. I sometimes lubricate the whole cup and then fold and insert. This can be tricky but seems to help it open when I am not at my heaviest flow. I like a very small insertion point and the Labia fold has been a godsend! Demonstrations can be found on YouTube. The Labia fold is almost tampon size, so I can usually get it up high enough that I pass my pubic pone or pelvic muscles that seem to want to crush my cups.

Pushing against your vaginal wall is also a great trick.

It can be frustrating, just some patience and practice is needed, hopefully.

rebecca2525rebecca2525 on March 2nd, 2017 11:57 am (UTC)
I agree that the cup might be too soft, but I'd still keep trying for a bit. Pressing my finger against a wall is something I do, too, and it works well for me. Several more things you can try to get the cup open:

* Change the angle where the "seam/folded in part" of the fold points. For me it works best if the "seam" points towards my back (not the front as I tried first), but that's probably different from person to person.

* Fold the cup so that one of the air holes sits on the "seam/folded in part" of the fold. This way, it's easier for air to get in while the cup opens because there will be a sort of "air channel" towards your opening.

* Put your finger against the bottom of the cup and bear down (as if to poo) while holding it in place with your finger, this can press air into the cup and help it to open up. Additional wiggling at the bottom while bearing down can also help.
JDBMjdbm on March 3rd, 2017 10:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you both for your responses! I am going to try some more then with your new tips and hope that this will work!