jess_amina (jess_amina) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Advice on firm cups.


I'm late 30's, have had 2 vaginal births but exercise a lot. I have a few health issues that make me require a cup that opens without fiddling. I also tend to crush softer cups if I can actually get them open. I have a very high cervix, I often have to bear down to get my diva (cut stem) which is a problem also.

I currently use a small Diva cup. It is almost my goldilocks cup, I can open with minor fiddling most times but it does cause a bit of bladder pressure (and capacity is low for my 1 heavy day). Large Diva leaks and causes me major bladder pressure. Ideally I'd like something that opened just a tad more easily.

I've also used a Large Yuuki soft (major bladder pressure, crushed it)
MeLuna Medium and Small Soft (too soft, too small)
Icare (too soft)
Small Yuuki firm (was okay until I cut the stem, at least it opened easily, capacity was sad).

I have been tossing up whether a rounder shorter cup may cause less pressure. I've gone through all the charts until my head is spinning. Some of these are cheaper in the US. I'm paying international shipping

Current contenders are
Fleurcup (cheap so can try both sizes! Sounds like it will open easily, at least I will get a trial of a rounder bottomed cup)
Lunette S (more pricey, seems similar to fleur, might consider L)
MeLuna Sport L (unsure about TPE seeing as I could never get my others to open, but it's cheap)
Lena Cup (not so cheap but seems quite firm).

I'm happy to buy more than one but I've spent quite a lot in the past already.

Anyone own any of these and can tell me how firm (or too soft) they are for easy opening?


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