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Cervix position and Diva 2

I am 36, have had one baby (vaginal delivery). I have mild incontinence (only when I cough and forget to control myself :)) Based on all this I think my pelvic floor muscles are not what they used to be. My cervix is 4.7 cm- 5 cm (around 2") from vaginal opening. It pretty much stayed like that before, during and after my period.
I used my Diva 2 cup for one cycle only. I know that is not enough to make any final conclusions and I still hope this cup will maybe work for me in the end. The cup was leaking for the first two days. It was only half full when I checked it. First few days of my period I lived in my washroom :) and I think I managed to place the cup properly in the end. I made sure the cup was open and I could rotate it (full 360 degrees). My main problem is the position this cup moves to 15 minutes after I put it in. It sits sideways angled to the left and it is very uncomfortable. I know other people had the same issue, but my problem is pressure and pain after a while. I decide to cut the stem off after 2 days but that didn't help.
When I was researching what cup to buy I just couldn't be sure is my cervix, being around 2" from the vaginal opening, considered to be low, high or medium.
So my questions are:
1. Based on my cervix position, is the Diva too long? Do I need shorter cup then?
2. Do you think the cup moves to one side because my pelvic floor is weak? Do I need firmer or softer cup maybe?

I have been trying to find answers to my questions for days with no luck, so I hope someone here has similar experience and can answer my questions.
Thanks in advance. I really want this to work even if I have to buy another cup.

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