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Meluna Ring Stem

I have a very complicated history with menstrual cups. Frankly, I'm surprised I even want to try another one. It all started a few years ago with the small Lunette. I had always had leakage with tampons (due to a vaginal septum, I later found out) and I bled too heavily for pads to be a comfortable option. I decided to try the cup, and I landed on the Lunette. As someone who had not had vaginal sex at the time, it took me quite a while to get the hang of insertion. Once I did, getting it out was the struggle. It had moved so high that I could not get a grip on it. I wound up having to leave it in for over 24 hours. It had overflowed and the seal had broken, so it worked itself down within reach. After that, I went through the Diva Cup, the I Care, and the Luv Ur Body cup. The Diva Cup and the Luv Ur Body required a trip to the clinic for removal after they were each stuck inside me for over 72 hours. The I Care was a similar story to the Lunette. After my second trip to the clinic after getting the LUB stuck, I swore off cups completely. In recent months, I have been trying to make healthier choices with my body, as well as with the environment, which is what brings me back to cups. I am wondering if the ring stem will be easier for me.

TL;DR Cups keep getting stuck inside me, Will a ring stem be easier for removal? How does the meluna compare to the Diva (small) Lunette (small), and LUB (medium)? I had no leakage issues with any of them and they were all comfortable. It was just the removal that proved extremely difficult.
Tags: lunette, luv ur body, meluna, removal, removal - painful or problems

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