suloubri (suloubri) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cystitis and Menstrual Cups

Hello everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone has developed Cystitis after using a cup on a menstrual cycle? If so, do you have any tips or advice on how to prevent getting it when using a cup?

I'm a first time user of a menstrual cup (Organicup). Within 36 hours of using it I've developed cystitis :( I woke up last night at about 3am needing a wee, and ouch! Cystitis struck :( I'm feeling pretty disappointed as I was just starting to get the hang of using it.

I am prone to Cystitis, and often get it after sex. I know how to treat it, and follow advice on how to prevent it when having sex.

With the cup, I have been vigilant in washing my hands before and after handling it, and I sterilised it before first inserting it (by boiling it for 5 mins in a pan). I've tried to be careful with wiping front to back. Not sure what else I can do to prevent it...

This morning, I'm feeling like I'll have to go back to tampons. I'd welcome some encouragement from other cystitis sufferers...

Tags: cleaning, disabilities & health problems, first time use, health risks, organicup, uti (urinary tract infection)

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