Lindsay White (Lindsay White) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lindsay White
Lindsay White

Yowzers cup removal hurts.....

This is my first time using a menstrual cup- have been considering it for ages and did my research. I've got a Lunette 2 (I'm 43, no kids, gay, heavy flow) and getting it in was surprisingly easy - I used the C fold- was worried about leakage but nada. All going swimmingly so I thought. As i know I'm usually quite heavy on my first 2 days I decided to empty it after about 4 hrs. Followed the advice- break the seal, bear down, rellllllaaaax but AAAARGHHH!!! it flippin hurts!! Thought I might have done something wrong- read more advice and persevered 3 more times. Nope, still agonisingly uncomfortable getting the rim out (I have a VERY high pain threshold usually). I'm having a rest now for overnight and will see what I think in the morning. Not sure whether I should have gone for a smaller size or if there are any other ways of getting it out without folding it back up and squirting the collected fluid back out of it......
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