Lookingatbooks (Gaby Virginia) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Gaby Virginia

Painful insertion, even worse extraction

Alright, I'm going to bare my soul.

I bought a menstrual cup over a year ago, a Lunette Size 1. I have tried many times to insert it with no success. I'm 16 and a virgin.

I can only fit a finger inside my vagina and when I try to insert the cup I'm in pain. I feel quite comfortable down there and know my anatomy. I'm small. Fitting my middle finger in there just fits when I'm on my period. I've heard that your cervix gets smaller when you're menstruating. But I never can seem to fit my cup into my vaginal canal comfortably. It feels tight and uncomfortable.

I use the punch down fold, because that's the only one I've had success even inserting a little. I've tried the diamond fold since it's smaller and more compact, but I find it hard to hold and insert at the same time. And the c fold is way too big for me. I've been trying different folds but nothing seems to work like the punch down fold. I don't know what to do anymore. I've inserted it so many times with no luck and I'm sick of using pads. And, although, I could try organic 100% cotton tampons, I'm not sure I'd have anymore success than with a menstrual cup. And a cup holds so much more for long amounts of time, which would be ideal since I have a 7 day period (mostly spotting on the last two days).

Can anyone help? I feel like I'm going insane with so many people raving about menstrual cups all the time. Is it possible I'm too small?
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