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Cup getting softer

Hi, I have a few questions about my cup and I was wondering whether you´d be able to help.

I´m 20, sexually active, I have a high cervix, light/moderate flow, very strong pelvic floor muscles.

I first used the Ladycup S but while the rim was perfect, the bottom is pretty soft so my muscles would squish it and I would sometimes leak. So I got the Yuuki 1 Classic and was very satisfied for a few months. Perfect suction, not a single leak.

Due to some confusions with the company, I actually have two identical Classic Yuukis 1, from which I only used one.

But after half a year, I started having leaks again, although I always inserted the cup properly. Lived with it, but it is especially annoying in dorms. Recently, I thought about comparing the two Yuukis I own - the one which was never used and the one used since April. The used Yuuki is visibly SOFTER, more flexible. I compared in many ways and I´m not making it up.

I always dissinfected it by rubbing the cup with alcohol, letting it evaporate and then washing it. If I begin using the other, unused cup and stick to boiling it or sterilizing tablets, will it keep its firmness? (I´m a bit prone to UTIs, so I have to sterilize.)

If that´s not the case, do you know a cup as firm as the Classic Yuuki, which would keep the firmness for a few years? I´m considering the Keeper, but it´s not available in my country, and I´m scared of developing a latex allergy from it. Also the small FemmyCycle, which I can buy easily, and if I understand it correctly, you donť need this cup to be fully open and forming suction for it to work?

Thank so much to everyone who answers.
Tags: cup lifespan, femmycycle, keeper, lady cup, leakage & spotting, yuuki

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