astriferosity (astriferosity) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is it normal to just...not be able to insert a cup?

I'm working with a small Nez Bling cup—I'm tired of dealing with pads, and this is my first venture away from them. My period started yesterday, so I decided to try and use this thing for the first time today...but I could not get it inside my vagina after 45 minutes of trying. At one point I did manage to insert the very tip, but any pressure after that was painful.

I'm a virgin, but it's not a hymen issue—I can currently insert two fingers pretty much all the way in without too much trouble or anything more than slight discomfort, so I'm pretty sure that's out of the way already.

I've tried every type of fold I could find, getting the cup wet before inserting it, and masturbating to relax my muscles before trying to insert the cup.

I haven't used lube because I don't have and can't afford any at the moment, and I can only insert sitting down or standing up because I have a roommate and have to use the bathroom stalls.

Is there advice for this? I have no idea where to go from here, and the wasted money and general letdown are both really disappointing.
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