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Leaking and noise issues - about to give up!

Hi all, I have just joined in need of help!

28 years old, 1 vaginal birth, average/weak pelvic floor, average height cervix, heavy flow, using Juju cup size 2.

I am on 4th cycle with the large Juju and so far it has been far worse than using tampons. I seem to leak far more often than I would need to change a tampon, and in between leaks I can feel air escaping (sometimes loudly enough to hear) which feels horrible and makes me anxious that someone will hear the noise.

I have done extensive research and am able to position the cup perfectly in front of my cervix, with a good deal and with no trouble inserting or removing. I'm not sure whether my cervix may be a little "dangly" (doesn't seem to be, but I wouldn't really know what to compare it to) and perhaps blocking the holes, which causes issues with air movement? The cup is usually about 1/4-1/2 full by the time I need to remove due to leaking.

I don't believe it's because my cervix is taking up space in the cup, because sometimes the leaks occur almost immediately after insertion, and the distance to my cervix seems to be the same as the length of the cup, which sits with the tip of the stem just outside my vagina.

I really dont want to go back to tampons but this is insane and I'm about to give up!

Thanks :-)
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