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Hello all :) So I have been using Lunette size 1 for about 3 years, and before that I used Meluna classic small. I would always have to be careful with these cups when I slept to push it right under my cervix, because they would always leak overnight. Usually if i emptied it right before i slept and positioned it right, it wouldn't leak. But lately with the lunette, I have still been leaking, and my cup isn't full. I think that I have a dangly cervix because inserting my finger to the second knuckle, I can touch the nub of my cervix, but when reaching to the back of my cervix I can fit my whole finger in plus more (I think that is what this means). Also I have lots of extra space with the lunette and know I can go up in diameter, length, and definitely capacity. I also would like a cup with more suction so I narrowed it down to Super Jennie, but wasn't sure whether to go with the small or large. I know for my own measurements, the length to my cervix is 2.08 in. and the diameter of my vagina is 2.11 in. - I measured using my fingers. The small super Jennie is 1.87'' in length, has 1.69'' diameter, and 32 ml capacity, while the large Super Jennie is 2.05 '' long, 1.85'' wide, has 41.61 ml capacity. I wasn't sure whether I needed a cup that would fill up every bit of space in my vagina (would that hurt), or I didn't need a cup that exactly matched my measurements, but just a larger capacity, as in the case the small Super Jeannie would work. I am 23 years old, and usually have a light flow if that helps!
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on January 11th, 2017 09:59 pm (UTC)
wow the description is pretty very similar to my anatomy
and i also tried the small lunette first.
in my case, the large and XL meluna shorty fit me best, along with the old medium (45x45 mm). i use them all inside out.
width-wise filling your whole vagina shouldn't hurt but length-wise it might. i *think* a soft cup is less likely to hurt - stiff cups sometimes feel too large when stiffness is the real issue.
the issue with small sizes/narrow cups is that they can't go as deep. a large meluna shorty might be a good choice, especially since you have a light flow. but if your cervix is dangly that's something to keep in mind. (i myself can fill any cup only by 1/3 or so)

how did you choose super jennie btw? see this post http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3499713.html you normally shouldn't be choosing between the large and small of the same brand.
ladyinkdi on January 12th, 2017 06:02 pm (UTC)
Hi, thanks for the link to that super useful post - I am new to this forum which you prolly noticed ;). I went and looked at the tags too and found a whole bunch of really helpful information. I choose super jennie, because I thought it would give me the width I was looking for without being super bulky, but then I thought the shape might be too wide and I wasn't convinced I needed all the extra capacity. So then I just ended up buying Lena cup large lol, but before it even shipped, I had concerns that it might be too stiff. I am not too sensitive to a firm cup, and I constantly would like my lunette small to have a better seal - BUT I think with the large dimensions of the Lena and the stiffness - I might be in for some problems comfort wise. With some more research, I think I am just looking for a wider cup with a blunt end, so I think the large Fleur as an overnight cup and Sckoon cup as a day cup would fit me well. Thanks for the heads up about XL Meluna shorty, and the large (is there a place where you could still purchase the old medium?)- I used the meluna classic small as my first official cup - and that worked for a while until I realized I could benefit with a bigger cup
Serpent: neutralserpent_849 on January 13th, 2017 01:08 am (UTC)
a large fleurcup is a common choice as a low cervix cup :)
some retailers might still have the old medium. it was a great low cervix cup too and i think it's a pity that they made this neat system with each size being longer and wider than the previous one, in the shorties too. the S shorty is useless while the XL can be too long for someone who's looking for a really short cup with a high capacity.

i meant the large shorty btw. i think it can totally be your main cup, without the need for different cups for daily use and overnight.

which size sckoon are you considering?

the fleurcup actually has a more bulky shape than the super jennie :) the latter is slightly more pointy.
ladyinkdi on January 23rd, 2017 07:31 pm (UTC)
I was referring to the large sckoon - I think the meluna shorty might be too small capacity for me in terms of capacity and height and I had no discomfort with my small lunette length and sometimes my cup even rides up a little after hours use, so I don't think i would need a cup that short. Also I am not too found of the meluna material, just because I have found with the small classic meluna for years, it just feels too soft and overtime I think it has become more squishy (maybe because of the TPE) which I dislike. I was looking at the sport cups in youtube comparison videos, but that is a lot more stiffer even than the lena large. A medium fleur, if they sold thatsounds really cool! Tho i haven't any luck in finding them - they might not be sold anymore. But i think i will try the large sckoon first and I think for day and overnight, it should be good (like you said a day and nightime cup shouldn't be necessary) and stick with my small meluna classic for my light days - which is anything after my first 2 days - honestly my period lasts like 4 days in totals - it is really short!
ladyinkdi on January 12th, 2017 06:19 pm (UTC)
and I will be definitely keeping in mind that it is the stiffness and the length over the width, that makes a big impact when it comes to comfort.