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New Diva cup user, but noticed rancid smell of the blood this morning...and white tissue?

hello! been browsing a bit so decided to post...i have a few issues going one with my ladybits. recently within the last few months, we discovered i have a at that time a single fibroid over and inch in diameter, as well as a smaller cyst right on top of my cervix. well, i also have that issue (cant remember the name of it, with super heavy bleeding and horrible crippling cramps.) as well as over the last almost 2 years now, i notice changes in my cycle. its always been a bit weird, but, it had went from normal amount of WEEKS. or id get it again 2 weeks later. and using tampons still at this time and pads. so you can imagine how painful it was for my vag.
so...for the better made the moved to diva cup, size 2, im 36...i figured it would be ok, and so far, last cycle was so short and light wasnt much to tell. but this went to normal first day and today second day heavy, and this morning...took it out...and OH GOD THE SMELL! xD (it had been in 10 hrs (overnight, morning), it was a normal light flow 1st day...) but today been changing every 3-5 hrs. which is still better then tampons considering id go through a super PLUS in 1-2 hrs...SITTING. but aside from the smell, im noticed small bits of white tissue...sometimes about a quarter of an inch in size. not sure what this is, unless the cysts are breaking lose? or maybe im just seeing the uterine lining clearly since im using a using a cup now? no chance of pregnancy here.
BUT the SMELL! ive washed it with feminine wash...even did a rubbing alcohol dip (short one and rinsed then washed again with my feminine wash)...odor is reduced, but its STILL lingering even after i wash the cup after changing. now, i am anemic, and on iron medication...could that be causing the smell?? but then again i had a bladder infection that turned into a bad UTI, which is starting to feel better now....can that be causing the smell? ive noticed the smell a few times with tampons, when left in a long time, but not this bad.
should i be worried? my normal doc is referring me to specialist OBGYN to check on my fibroids, but cant get anything around here till after christmas. could the smell just be a combo of my illness and the medication? the bladder infection has made my inner labias so irritated (but getting better from going so much.) my skin is super sensitive. i feel like im rambling, but im new to cups, and aside from the odor, im in heaven. the cramps seem better too. usualy by day 2 im crippled with cramps and unable to do much. i also have osteoarthritis among other issues. i know medication can change smells. sucks!
so another question is, when my cycle is over, or gets light enough to have time to boil it, will that REALLY remove the odor from the cup? i seen some say it does, but my OCD and anxiety about it is bothering me. @.@ i cant afford to get a new cup, so i have to keep this one for now. any and all advice is appreciated in advanced! thank you!
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