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Weak pelvic floor, low cervix, suction pain with previous cup

Well it seems I've lost my Lunette Model 2 and, since it wasn't working ideally for me anyway, I've decided to research what might work better.

I originally chose the Lunette about 7 years ago after my research here pointed to it being one of the best for a low cervix and heavy flow situation. It worked great for me until I had my daughter, when I sustained a birth injury that resulted in significant pelvic floor weakness, likely at least a subtle prolapse of pelvic organs, and sensitivity and pain at the posterior vaginal introitus (especially during menstruation). Now my cervix seems to sit even lower than it did before and my pelvic floor muscles are weak, leading to a few problems to which I am hoping to find a solution:

1. Occasionally the Lunette seems to suction to my cervix, causing intense pain. It doesn't happen often (usually about once or twice per menstrual cycle) but, when it does, it is so painful I can't focus on anything else but get-that-thing-out-of-me! Sometimes the suction pain is only evident upon removal (i.e. it is incredibly painful to remove because it seems suctioned to my cervix) and sometimes it is spontaneous.

2. I don't know if there is a help to this (maybe the firmness of the cup makes a difference?) but, while wearing the cup, I sometimes experience pain when I get gassy rumbles or need to have a bowel movement. It is significant enough that I sometimes have to do lamaze-type breathing to manage through the sensations. I do get similar pains at times when having a bowel movement without the cup in but it only happens with gas, or prior to actually passing stool, when the cup is in place.

3. Sometimes when I sit down with the cup in, I get a shooting pain that I suppose is the cup pressing on sensitive issues.

4. The cup doesn't stay in place well :-/ It gradually slips down to the vaginal introitus, sometimes to the point where the whole stem and part of the lower portion of the cup is protruding. Granted, this is mostly only when I'm using the toilet, but I do wonder sometimes if it might fall out and it is a bit annoying to have to reposition it almost every time I use the restroom. It happens moreso when I am having a bowel movement so, because of this and the pain, I do generally remove it now when having a BM.

5. I get occasional leakage that I didn't have prior to the injury. I think it might be because sometimes my cervix seems so low that the cup doesn't even get fully below it.

Are there any cups that will help with the above; most importantly, the suction and other pain issues? Very low cervix and relatively high flow (I usually have to empty a full Lunette Model 2 about 4-8 times a day on heavy days) are important considerations as well. I had to use tampons during my last cycle and I did not enjoy the dry sensation again, nor do I enjoy pads :(

Specifically, I would like to know how the air holes and the firmness, width and depth of the cup might affect my issues, as well as other thoughts you might have.

Thank you!
Tags: bowel movements, brand comparisons, buying decision, cervix position, disabilities & health problems, heavy blood flow, lunette, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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