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Help with next cup?

I am currently toward the end of my first cycle using the Lunette cup. I love the convenience of it, but there have also been times where I struggled to reach it. I have a high cervix (I also think it's a little to the left instead of in the middle), and while I kept the stem on the Lunette for that reason, it did tend to take its sweet old time riding up into a comfortable place. I wouldn't want to cut off the stem of the Lunette completely just so I could reach the cup easily. It also seems really hard for me to break the seal on the Lunette by reaching up and doing the "hot dog in a bun" method and I end up have to grab the base and rock the cup back and forth slowly while pulling to get it to start to move down before I am able to actually break the seal and pull it out. If I mess with it while it's still sealed, I can feel it pressing on my bladder and it gets uncomfortable that way. I also get more cramps when I use it but I'm not sure if that's just my mind or the actual suction around my cervix. I slept with it in, and when I emptied it 9 hours later, I think it was only about half full (and I experienced no leaks which I was super proud of!), so I think the capacity is fine for me. I just think I need something a bit longer and maybe a bit softer? Or will the Lunette grow on me in my cycles to come? This community has helped me so much while partially getting through the learning curve.

Sorry this is so long but I appreciate all the help!
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