Carmen (gardenmama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Still haven't found the right "fit" for me

I've been using a cup for about six months now. I started with the DivaCup, and that's how I found this community because the DivaCup just didn't fit my body correctly. I liked the firmness of the DivaCup and had no leaks at all with it, but it was too long for me during actual menstruation while my cervix is quite low. Playing around with it when I didn't have my period taught me that a cup can actually be comfortable, but I needed something shorter during the time when I'm actively bleeding.

I found there to be a learning curve for comfortable insertion and no leaking. I had some luck turning the DivaCup inside out, but it was still too long for me to be comfortable. Once in a while I would get the perfect insertion where it would stay in place with no leaks and no discomfort for hours. I stuck it out knowing that it could be that way! I loved not having to carry pads or tampons, not dealing with the string or mess. And since my periods tend to be really irregular, I could start wearing a cup a few days before expecting anything. I tend to have days and days on end of spotting, and the cup was great for that.

The next cup I ordered was the Meluna Shorty - size large. While my periods are usually light, some months I do have very heavy days. I wanted something large enough to hold my flow, and short enough to fit in my vaginal canal without causing irritation. And the Meluna does fit these criteria. However, the material is much softer than the DivaCup and I'm having multiple issues with leaking and blow-by. I would really love to be able to put my cup in without having to wear a pad (I've developed a sensitivity to even unscented pads, and I haven't found a cloth pad yet that doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing a diaper). The Meluna does well on days when I am spotting. But once my flow starts, I notice that there is usually blood or other gunk in my underwear throughout the day that makes its way past the cup. And at night, I usually end up with major leakage even when the cup is only halfway full. I suspect that when I am laying down, the material of the cup does not form an adequate bond/suction to keep blood from flowing down behind it and making its way out.

That brings me to my question: is there a cup on the market with the firmness of the DivaCup that comes in multiple sizes so that I could find one short enough to fit comfortably inside me? I am 46 and have given birth twice. Thank you!

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