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3 cycles with fleur cup! I have a few questions

Hi all! I posted here once before and talked about my experience with my first period after having a baby. I've had two more cycles since posting. The first one, I didn't get the hang of using my large fleur cup until my period was ending. I didn't get another period for 2 months. I had never been so dissapointed to skip a period!

When I did get it again, my fleur cup worked perfectly! I had no leaks at all and only minor residual slobber. I got a third period exactly 28 days after that second one started so I'm pretty sure my period is regular again. The first period, I had some problems with leakage and determined that I have a dangly cervix that's tilted to the left. After inserting my cup, I run a finger around the rim and make sure my cervix is inside. I haven't had a leak since I figured that out. My cup has filled up 3/4 without leaking but I think I caught it just in time. I felt a weird bubbling sensation and ran to the bathroom to empty it. I'm pretty sure it was about to overflow.

It seems like my period is so much lighter since using a cup. It's still not super light but I would describe it as medium-heavy now. Either my cycle has changed since having a baby or it just doesn't seem like as much blood since I'm not changing a tampon every 4 hours. On my lighter days, (4 and 5) I emptied it once in the morning and once before bed. On my heavy days, I emptied it after 5-6 hours. I think I could have gone longer but I was at work and wanted to be sure I wasn't going to leak. How long did it take you guys to get the hang of knowing when to empty? I get light brown spotting for a couple days after and I'm not sure if I should use the cup or just a panty liner.

My fleur cup is clear and the holes are brown now - after only 3 cycles. I boiled it tonight for the first time and it looks cleaner but the holes are still stained. Any tips on removing the stains? I want to get a colored cup next for that reason. Any suggestions on a future cup? I would prefer it to be soft like the fleur and have a high capacity. Also, how do you know when to empty your cup? Do you just know your body and your cycle or do you feel it when it's full? I know this is long and riddle with questions. Thanks for reading and commenting!
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning - boiling, fleurcup, postpartum
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