roostercat (roostercat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What am I doing wrong?


I have been trying to use menstrual cups for the past 4 cycles. I have 3 different cups because of all this trial and error. I am 38, have had a baby, and have a fairly heavy flow on days 2-4.
My 1st cup was a small Blossom (soft) and have since acquired the Luna small and large, which are a bit harder silicone.
So, this seems to be the case for me every cycle.. day 1 I get a good seal and no leaks but as soon as my flow gets going, I cannot seem to get that again. I am certain that my cup is opening all the way so I have tried finding my cervix, which drops significantly and sometimes moves to the side, and then place my cup low in my vagina and tilted toward my cervix.
Every time I get excited thinking that this time I got it. Alas, no. I have been bleeding all over the place and find myself having to reposition the cup 10-15 times a day on my heavy days.
I wanted to use a cup for environmental reasons, but with the amount of pads I'm soaking, laundry I'm having to do, and rolls of TP, it's definitely the opposite.
I really want this to work but don't know what I'm doing wrong! Please help!!!
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