natking99 (natking99) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time user!!

Please help me, I'm so lost.
I've just purchased a menstrual cup and want to use it for my next cycle coming up- as I'm already on one and have had trouble inserting.
The first time I tried inserting it was difficult: Took me about 10 tries.
I didn't last 15 minutes before I took it out (and had a little trouble doing so-kinda made me panic) It was uncomfortable and pressing on some kind of nerve? It almost felt like a cramp itself. I couldn't sit down without being in pain.
Am I trying the wrong size? Then again I'm almost 17 and a virgin, anything bigger than a tampon feels a little big to be honest.
Tags: first time use, heavy blood flow, insertion - painful or problems, virginity
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