anunquietgirl (anunquietgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

thinking of trying for the first time, but struggling with size

I am hoping this isn't repetitive - I was having some trouble finding the answer.

I am contemplating trying a menstrual cup because I feel like tampons make my cramps worse (no idea if that's a thing or not but feels that way) and I can't stand the feel of pads. I am almost 31, have never given birth or had penetrative sex, and struggle with pelvic exams - like, frequently they use the pedi speculum, although I've gotten better. I don't have any idea if my cervix is high or low, but I do know it's tilted a bit. (Conversations I will be having with my doctor...).

Age and capacity wise I feel like a larger size would be better, and I have done the nuvaring before as well as successfully inserted a softcup (the disposable drugstore kind) although taking it out was like the shower scene from Psycho. But - again - GYN exams a struggle.

It seems from reading posts that the larger size isn't as big a deal as I initially was thinking. Is that true?
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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