craftacular1 (craftacular1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup falls completely out

Hi everyone,

I've used a Diva Cup for at least 4 years, a size 1 before I had my first child and a size 2 afterwards. I loved it and had no particular issues. I had a second child about a year ago and just got my period again. To my horror, I found that my Diva no longer fit as my cervix now seems very very low. I tried cutting off the stem and turning it inside out, which seemed to help until the cup slipped almost all of the way out of me. I figured I needed a different size and ordered a Meluna Shorty XL, classic firmness. I like it and it seems to fit lengthwise, but again, after a little while it falls out - like, ALL the way out!

My child's VBAC birth was pretty traumatic - a big baby in a posterior-facing position, so I ended up needing forceps. The partial 4th degree tear didn't do me any favors, but I regained good control of my muscles within a couple months. But now the instant I start to feel like I need to have a BM, the Meluna starts to fall out and I have to run to the bathroom. To be honest I don't know much about pelvic floor health, so I'm not sure if this means the muscles that control BMs are now stronger than my vaginal wall muscles or if it's a different problem completely. Is this an issue of me needing to do more kegels, or getting a wider cup, a different level of firmness, or what? Am I doomed to go back to tampons?

BTW, my period is super heavy for a couple days and moderate/lightfor a few (usually about a week total), so my preference is a cup with as much capacity as possible.

Thank you so much for your wisdom!

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