wholikessalad (wholikessalad) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Not Sure What's Going On

Hi everyone!

So I bought my first menstrual cup about 3 years ago at the age of 17, a no. 1 size Diva Cup. After the usual learning curve of insertion and removal, I was pretty happy and confident, and saw no reason why I should ever discontinue using my menstrual cup because I was saving money and being environmentally conscious. Win win! But then this odd thing started happening. I'd have it in for no longer than and hour, usually much less than that in fact, and all of a sudden I would get a shot of pain and the cup would immediately lose suction and leak. The first time it happened I was sure something had gone terribly wrong because the feeling was so awful. It felt like someone had stuck a plunger inside me and done one big hard yank on my cervix. Even though it was a bit scary, I was reassured that it wasn't causing me any harm other than the pain, so I persisted in using the cup, paying particular attention to the way I was inserting it from then on, making sure that it was fully open. Though the shots of pain followed by leakages persisted also, sometimes occurring at school, so I eventually decided to stop using it and go back to tampons. I desperately wanted to learn what was causing this problem and what I could do to fix it but I couldn't find anyone talking about my specific experience anywhere online so rather than risking possible further injury (because while I was relatively sure that it wasn't doing damage, I was still afraid that it could be) and discomfort, I gave up on being able to use menstrual cups.

So has anyone else had this experience? Because I would definitely prefer to be using a menstrual cup if I can learn what the cause of the problem I have with them is. I have wondered if it was to do with the size of the cup, the firmness of it, or perhaps even the shape of my vagina? All theories which I have not been game enough to test because of the potential harm to myself.

Thanks for reading x

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