Ti-Loup (ti_loup) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for my perfect combination cups


After using my large Si-Bell cup for 2,5 years I tore off the stem under a hasty removal this summer. It still works, but not as easily, so I've decided to replace it. And that has me curious to find something that works even better for me:)

I want:
LARGE CAPACITY - I always overflow the Si-Bell the moment I get vertical on the first two mornings of my period, so I really want to check out if just a little more capacity would save me from those morning bathroom runs..
SOFT - The cup can't be too stiff either, since a sensitive bladder was one of the reasons I got the Si-Bell in the first place
QUALITY SILICONE - Something that looks and feels like good silicone, no rip off brands

The market seems to have exploded with menstrual cups since I last checked it, but after looking around, I'm considering a large Super Jennie. Can anyone with experience with it tell me if I'm on the right track?

In addition, I'm considering a second cup, for the normal to trickling days. Instead of trying to get opposite qualities in one cup, I think it could be better to settle for two, or what say you?

I want:
SMALL-MIDDLEISH CAPACITY - small diameter would be nice
MIDDLEISH FIRMNESS - I'm a bit less sensitive on the later days, and would like just a little bit more spring, so there's less fiddling to get the cup to open
LONGISH - I have a quite high cervix on the later days, and it would be nice to not have to rummage so far up there, so longer than 62mm for sure!

I know this describes half the cups on the market, but I'm mostly curious to hear your personal experiences with and preferences for some cups that fit the bill. The only other cup I've tried was a small Lunette, and I think that would work - I guess I'm just curious to try something new. And I'm really curious if there are many other cuppers out there who have resorted to using two different cups each period?

Sorry for my long post:) and thanks in advance for any replies!
Tags: buying decisions, heavy blood flow, sizes/size issues
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