havefunlou (havefunlou) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trouble removing menstrual cup and... vaginismus?


Firstly, I'm really sorry about asking things that may have already been asked.

I'm new to menstrual cups, this is my first cycle using it. I purchased my LilyCup in size A (the small one) less than a month ago and since I wasn't on my period, I decided to try and figure out how to insert it (and eventually remove it). I had a few tries, but it didn't go really well, so the first time I could really get it in was the first day of my cycle (a few days ago).
From that day on, inserting the menstrual cup hadn't been a problem at all. I don't remember the first and second removal being really painful or anything like that. But the last two were. And I had been struggling with it for about half an hour each time to get it out, still not painless at all.
I should have removed it yesterday again, obviously, but I couldn't get it out (I'm pretty sure that suction is my main issue here), I tried two times again today, but the results were the same.

My first question is: how do I release the suction without hurting myself that much? I've tried pinching the bottom part of the cup, but I think it's too soft to break the suction that way. I've tried reaching the rim (upper part) with my fingers, but it's too high. And I've tried pushing the front part with my thumb: it broke the suction a few times, but I wasn't able to take the cup out because it created the suction again.

My second question is related to vaginismus. I think I have it, though it hasn't been confirmed by anyone. Basically, me and my boyfriend wanted (and we still do) to have sex, we've tried several times, but it hurt me almost to the point my eyes started tearing. And at first we thought it was the normal pain you experience the first time, so he tried getting in, but he couldn't do it. And also, the first few times I've tried inserting the cup, it hurt the same way. And when I have it in, sometimes I have small cramps that are similar to the pain I felt during the attempts with my boyfriend. So the question is: does this whole situation affect my menstrual cup experience? And could it be the reason why removing it hurts so much?

The post is long, but I really am in need of clarifying some things.

Thank you :)
Tags: cramps, first time use, inside-out, lilycup, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction

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