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Labia fold decreasing lifespan? Or just a flimsy cup?

I've been using my lunette for about 4 years, along with a ladycup, and the lunette looks a bit rubbish now. It's split at the holes right up to the rim, although not all the way through the material. (mostly just an issue with cleaning, but if it continues at this rate, it'll probably split open fairly soon) The ladycup looks brand new, even though I've had it for longer.
I'm not sure if the labia fold is what caused the damage, long term, as I can't use it on the ladycup (due to the thicker upper section) so it's not been victim to the same treatment as the lunette. Or is it a general fault with lunettes being a bit weaker?
The thing is that the lunette is a really good cup for me, and the labia fold is my favourite fold. But equally, 2-3 years of use doesn't seem fantastic in cup terms. So my thoughts are basically as follows:
- if the labia fold (or complex folds in general) are the problem, and it'd cause the same amount of damage in any other cup, then I'd probably just get another lunette and try to use a different fold
- if the lunette is weaker, and generally doesn't have the best lifespan, then I'd try and get a similar cup (looking at organicup and medium rubycup) and continue using the labia fold
- if 2-3 years of use is actually pretty good for a cup (I mean, has anyone ever actually had a cup last for 10 years, or is that just a marketing thing?) then I'd get another lunette, continue with labia fold

Really not very good at organising messages, so apologies if this isn't very clear.
Thank you! :)
Tags: cup lifespan, insertion - folding methods, lunette
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