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Starter cup. Ruby cup small/medium or Lunette model 1?

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about buying a menstrual cup. I haven't used a menstrual cup before and I am nineteen years old and a virgin. I am thinking about buying either the Ruby cup small or medium or the Lunette model 1, but I don't know which one to buy and would really appreciate some advice.

During my period I have a heavy flow for 2-3 days, then a moderate flow (2 days) and then a light (2 days). During my heaviest days I use a super tampon which I need to change at least every 3 hour. During my moderate flow I tend to change a regular tampon about every 3-4 hour. And then on my light days I can change it whenever I want to and it isn't full.

I would prefer to change my menstrual cup like every 5 hour or less, on my heaviest days if it's possible. But I am wondering which you would recommend of the ruby cup small, Lunette model 1 or Ruby cup medium? Medium has a great capacity, i think, but I am a little scared that it will be uncomfortable to wear/use? Could the ruby cup medium be used on very light days? Also, I noticed that there are a difference at 1 ml in capacity between Ruby cup small and Lunette model 1. Does 1 ml, make a noticeable difference?

Which one of the cups I've mentioned would be the best starter cup, but at the same time with a decent capacity? Would really appreciate some advice.

Personal experience would also really help. If you have any of these cups and a heavy flow how many hours can you wear it before you have to empty it? And how often did you have to change a tampon? If you are in my age or younger and have tried any of the cups, it would also really help to hear your opinion of them or experience with them.

Thank you in advance.
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