Jacqueline Komada (jackiemarie93) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Jacqueline Komada

AGH. About to cry.

Hey friends,

So I am this close to giving up on menstrual cups. I just can't seem to get them to work.
I started out with a Divacup size 1 and that definitely wasn't a good fit with my average-heavy period. There was constant leaking and the cup would always ride up.
I then switched to a Lunette large because of the wider rim and stiffer material, and that worked sometimes and other times it didn't.
This cycle I have been trying the Lena large and it's kind of the same as the Lunette large. Though, I do like the shape of the Lena better. BUT sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...
AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING WRONG. I've been trying these for like..a year now.
I insert the cup using the punch-down fold method. That seems to get the cup open the easiest. I rotate the cup a few times then tug the stem slightly to make sure it doesn't move easily. I also swipe my finger around it to make sure its fully open. It always is.
And then, sometimes it leaks after an hour (or less) and sometimes I can go 3-4 hours with absolutely no issue. Sometimes I feel air bubbles right before it leaks. It isn't "residual slobber" either. (Btw, I am 23 and don't have kids and have never had sex. BUT I have a heavier flow the first three days)

I'm this close to giving up on them. I've wanted them to work so badly but it seems like I'll never get the hang of it.
What I do know is that my cervix hangs a bit lower during my period. I can reach it with my finger inserted to about my first knuckle. My cervix doesn't seem tilted in any way; pretty straightforward. Is it possible that these cups I'm using are too long and I should get a shorter one? I may also be pushing it past my cervix?
I don't know. HELP! lol
Tags: cervix position, insertion, leakage & spotting

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