perideaux (perideaux) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Firmest cup available for a dangly cervix?

I posted several times looking for a cup that would work for me. I crush cups easily.

I purchased a Yuuki economic, which worked okay, but I would crush it 4-5 times per cycle so I decided to get a Yuuki classic which works wonderfully. Both cups are in the small size. Overall I'm very satisfied with the Yuuki classic as a daytime cup.

The cervix dangles. A lot. I have to empty the cup at least once every 3 hours. This makes sleeping impossible without setting an alarm to empty the cup every couple of hours. I got a Luv Ur Body cup (small) which allows me to sleep for about 5 hours, which I can handle, but I can't use it as a daytime cup because it's too soft. I have to very carefully walk from the bathroom to bed when I sleep just to keep it from getting crushed in the short time it takes to get there. I also have to carefully get up out of bed in the morning to prevent it from crushing and leaking. It is also a larger cup which contributes to the crushing, so I don't think a medium Luv Ur Body will work for nighttime.

I'm looking into getting a medium or large-sized cup for a dangly cervix that is very firm, preferably as firm as the Yuuki classic. I considered getting a large Yuuki classic but I worry the shape of the cup won't give me much more capacity.

I'm considering a medium Ruby cup for nighttime. The Lena cup seems like it would help because of the shape and I hear it's very firm.

Any recommendations?
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