rainstick2 (rainstick2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Determining cervix position for buying my first cup!

Hello everyone! I am making the move to menstrual cups from pads, and I am extremely grateful for the wealth of information in this community and the supportive atmosphere. I am a grad student on a tight budget, so hoping to get the right cup on my first try.

I checked my cervix position towards the end of my period and found it to be quite high, I had to insert my entire middle finger before I felt it. I am wondering if that was the right time to check it, or should I also check during the beginning of my cycle?

Also, I welcome any suggestions for a first menstrual cup! I am 34, never had any kids, functionally active - I'm not sporty, but I walk a lot and I take dance and jazz classes at least once a week. I am considering either the Lena cup or the Lily cup. Thank you!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position

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