frostynectar (frostynectar) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bladder pressure, insertion & removal issues

Hello all!

I am a new cup user, and while I have researched for months, read tons of entries on this forum, watched youtube videos, etc.. I am still having trouble with my cup. A little background: I am 28 years old and have given birth to one child, which was 10 years ago. I have not had a menstrual period since before my son was born, until last month. After going so long without periods, it felt like the first time again. I went straight to using a cup and did not go back to pads or tampons at all.

Although I used my cup throughout my whole cycle last month and am using it again for this one, I am experiencing quite a few issues. My research led me to purchase a large Lunette, and my problems are as follows:

1. If I insert my cup pointing back toward my tailbone rather than up (as I've read is the correct technique), it tends to sit too low and cause discomfort. The stem sticks out, I feel immense pressure on my bladder, and the cup stays crushed/squished by my pubic bone. Only when I insert tilting the cup slightly back at first, *then up*, does it get "sucked" in by my vagina and fully open. After that, I can't feel it at all while it's in. Could my vaginal canal just be shaped differently than most? Any other insertion techniques that I'm missing for this problem?

2. I have never been able to feel my own cervix with my middle finger at any time of the month, so I've always assumed it sits pretty high. I'm wondering now if I'm just missing it somehow when I'm feeling around in there? Is it possible to go "past" the cervix, and if so, any ideas for how to be sure I find it? I'd really like to start getting a feel for where exactly it's at so I know where it's sitting in relationship to my cup.

3. When I go to remove the cup, I always squeeze the base first and then crawl or slide my fingers up the side so I can grip the whole thing. But whenever I grab my cup near the top and start folding it in for removal, I feel a really sharp pressure/pinching pain. This seems to be the easiest method of breaking the seal and removing the cup, but it's very unpleasant almost every time. Could my cervix be sitting inside the cup and getting pinched by it, or is this something else? I'd really like to get the hang of this and not get scared off, but I tend to be very squeamish about this stuff due to past traumas and this pain/difficulty is taking its toll.

Any and all advice you can give is so appreciated! Or if you think I might just need to try a different cup, I'm very open to recommendations for that. Thank you all!
Tags: cervix position, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, removal - painful or problems

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