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Yeast infection during period, cup smells awful...help!

So I'm almost 100% certain I have my first ever yeast infection. I started my period on the 4th but noticed itchiness a day or two before that. (No other symptoms.) On the night of the 3rd, I was inserting my cup early since I never know exactly when my period's going to show up on the day it's scheduled for. I had to take it out and reinsert for whatever reason and I noticed small chunks of white discharge (perhaps the "cottage cheese" that happens when you get yeast infections?) but thought nothing of it.

Just yesterday, I started to notice every time I took out my cup to empty it, it smelled really awful. Kind of like death and old cheese. Last night I cleaned it with DivaWash as I do every cycle, but I noticed after I cleaned it that the smell was still there. I can smell it as soon as I remove the cup and it's terrible.

I'm definitely going to make an appointment with my doctor regarding the yeast infection, but my concern is the lingering smell in my cup. How do I get rid of it? Also, is there any chance that the yeast infection could somehow linger in my cup even after I clean it with DivaWash or boil it?

I've read about peroxide, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and baking soda and think I might try the alcohol (seemed to be the safest option in terms of how it affects the silicone) and/or the vinegar and baking soda.

What would be the best option to disinfect and get rid of the horrid sharp cheddar cheese smell?

Thank you so much in advance, I know this was totally TMI but your girl needs HELP!
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - smells, divacup, yeast infections

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